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loved everything about diving with Githa. It’s not only that I felt safe and good taken care of (almost everyone else in my group was at least a dive master if not an instructor) it was also about the good vibes. The whole crew is always in a good mood, helpful and nice. I can only recommend diving with them.



Such a great bunch of people to dive with. Marcel & Githa were really professional, enthusiastic and helpful.

We spent 5 days diving with Arborek dive shop and we loved it. They really put in a lot of effort to ensure that we had a great time.

We saw everything that we hoped for underwater, big and small. Githa is the macro-spotting queen! Really awesome. We will be back.



I have been diving with Arborek Dive Shop for a week and I had a great time ! Amazing dive sites around the island, we also went diving around Piaynemo/Melissa’s garden, very beautiful and colorful underwater life, corals, fishes… waow !! The team is very friendly and professional, they are involved in the protection of R4 which is very important. Thank you Githa, Marsel, Dorian and the rest of the staff 🙂



Dive with alborek dive shop, during my 7 days stay in alborek island,
1st dive- spotted a Oceanic manta ray was incredible. each dive was amazing. Githa and Marcel was the owner of the dive shop and also great guide. Did the night dive in the jetty, was incredible
My first manta ray experience with these two was amazing. made a new friends. Almost cried leaving the island. i will come guys ill see you soon. Big hugs and big love -Jem



Lovely dives!!! I did 3 dives with Arborek Dive Shop and enjoyed them all! The first 2 were in the morning with Githa with a really nice beach break in between the 2 dives! In the afternoon I went with Marcel to look for the Manta, wasn’t there so we did a great dive at Arborek Jetty! Both are really good dive guides, they really see a lot!! Githa speels really good English and is really enthousiastic in the water.. it really made me smile during the dives!!! They both do really good briefing before diving! The dive gear was great too!!
One thing I should mention.. Get in contact with them before you arrive and ask if they have spaces left for diving. Luckily I did, changed my plans a littlebit and did these amazing dives. They only take small groups for diving (which I think is really good), so reserve your spot!
Keep up the good work with diving in Arborek!!!



Thanks for all the super useful information! I did not know where to start before finding this!

I tried to click on the link for Arborek’s Dive Shop (above), but found that it unfortunately does not work anymore. Do they have a new one? I tried to find it on google, but struggled. I have also sent them an email, but thought I should let you know too.

What I was actually after was information on the best place to stay/dive if you are a novice diver (I will have a PADI Open Water qualification by the time I come and will try to get a few more dives in beforehand, if possible). I have asked this in my email to Arborek Dive Shop too.

I really want to stay in a homestay and get to know local people and am not fussed by western luxuries etc. I would like to be able to go walking, so Kri and Mansuar sound like good options and I have also sent Wolter Gaman a message about walking in Waigeo and looking at/for some caves (as I am a caver and will have gear with me for an onward trip).

However, I am worried that the currents could be strong around Kri and Mansuar. Are there other islands/areas of e.g. Waigeo that might be better, but that fit the bill for the other activities?

Many thanks again for all the info!




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